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Break the rules – Wedding Traditions Being Challenged

Nowadays you can put all wedding rules and traditions aside and celebrate in your own way. There are no hard rules, except these two – marry the guy you love and stay true to yourself! We can’t help you with the first but here is how you can do the latter.

One of the most restricting rules is the tradition that the bride should be dressed in white. But not anymore! Your wedding gown can be in any color that you like as long as it is elegant and stylish enough for the big day. Anything that looks stunning on you is appropriate. Moreover, colors are trendy this season bridal designs come in gold, blush, pale blue, and even rich red.

Another outdated wedding traditions rule is that you have to line up your bridesmaids so that they can pair off with your guy’s groomsmen. Today you can have anyone you want stand up with you both and you shouldn’t worry about having an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The only thing that matters is for you to choose people that are really close to you. Moreover, they dont have to wear the same outfits. Decide on a palette of up to three colors and let your maids choose their own dresses. In this way you will shake things up a little and, as a bonus, you will show the girls that their opinion matters.

You also don’t have to wear a diamond to shine. If diamonds are not your “best friends” you can go for something that reflects your personal style better. A lot of brides nowadays prefer garnets, pearls, or sapphires. Any ring, given and worn with love, can function as an engagement ring. It doesn’t even have to be encrusted with a stone – sometimes humble stacked bands can function as engagement or wedding rings or both.

All in all, wedding traditions and rules can be broken, so spice things up a little and let your true style shine!

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