Carnations are back as Wedding Flowers

Carnations are coming back to weddings. They are versatile and affordable and come in a wide variety of colors, and that is why they are great for special occasions. So, carnations would be the perfect choice for your wedding but first you should learn a little more about their symbolic meaning.

Just like roses, the various colors signify different meanings. In general, all carnations stand for divine love, fascination, and distinction but the different shades are invested with additional symbolism. Pink carnations, for example, simply signify a woman’s love, while red carnations stand for admiration. White carnations are very popular as a choice for boutonnieres because they symbolize faithfulness, innocence, sweetness, and ardent love. However, you should avoid the striped and the yellow variants for your wedding since they stand for refusal and disappointment.

Carnations go perfectly with anemones, hydrangeas, Majolica roses, and passion vine and they are cheaper than all of them. If you want to significantly cut the cost of your wedding use carnations not only for your bouquet, but also for the rest of the decoration. Since they are inexpensive, you can buy them ‘en masse’ and once you see them in one place you will realize the fabulous effect these humble flowers have. They are usually used as fillers and that is why most people cannot imagine how stunningly beautiful they look when they are grouped together.  Group red or pink carnations on the tables or make yourself a curtain of them. The latter may sound elaborate but it is quite easy-to-do and looks extremely beautiful. You just need garlands, a big needle and around 1,000 carnations.

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Carnations are beautiful, rich in color and budget-friendly. They symbolize a variety of meanings and as we know weddings are all about symbolism and beauty. So, if you haven’t chosen the flowers for your ceremony call your florist and ask them about carnations!

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