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0 What Should the Families of the Bride and Groom Wear

What Should the Families of the Bride and Groom Wear

he bride and groom spend weeks and even months searching for the perfect wedding gown and suit. However, not many people know that the family of the newlyweds should also pay extra attention to their outfits. The possibilities for clothes choice for the key relatives are countless, but there is one thing that they ...

0 Suggestions for Vintage Wedding Palettes

Suggestions for Vintage Wedding Palettes

Vintage weddings have one very sophisticated and stylish vibe. They take the best from the past and bring it into the future. That is why it is not surprising that many couples today prefer to have a vintage-themed wedding. One of the most important aspects of wedding themes is the wedding palette. The palettes of ...

0 10 Honeymoon Location Ideas

10 Honeymoon Location Ideas

Those of you who plan to tie the knot this year and still haven’t found a nice stop to spend their honeymoon should find this article quite useful. In it we are going to offer you some interesting honeymoon locations. A few of them are not new on the honeymoon map. Others, however, may take you by surprise! ...

0 Rustic Country Wedding

Rustic Country Wedding

Today, many couples in love pick rustic as their wedding theme. A well-known fact is that rustic often goes hand in hand with country. So there you have it, the new rough chic wed style – rustic country! But how can you make your Big Day rustic and stylish at the same time? There are five basic rules which you can ...

0 Todays Buy: Versus Women’s Watches by Versace

Todays Buy: Versus Women’s Watches by Versace

This holiday season the world’s largest online retailer Amazon reported record-breaking sales. The non-stop sale events continue to attract customers now with Year-End Winter Sale Event where you can save up to 75% on watches. Shop now the unique and elegant Versus women’s watches by Versace at half price. Versus ...

0 Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends

Like every other fashion item, engagement rings also have their trends. Therefore, gentlemen, if you are planning to propose this year, you should first familiarize yourselves with the engagement ring trends for this year. This year there are a few new styles and designs. However, most of the last year trends are ...

0 Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

If you are planning to have your wedding this year, then you should better familiarize yourself with the newest wedding trends. In 2017, weddings become more and more untraditional, different and colourful. Also, couples will prefer class and modern style over the until-recently popular retro and vintage looks and ...

0 The Ring to Suit You Best

The Ring to Suit You Best

There are a lot of rings out there that look so beautiful when they are on display and you wish to buy them all. However, some of them may look not so good on your finger. So, in order to avoid buying something that is not quite right for you just have to follow our tips whose one and only aim is to help you find the ...