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644 Japanese Spring Wedding

Japanese Spring Wedding

When you start planning your wedding you should first consider the season and the colours you want. If the Big Day is in the spring, then you can use cherry blossoms for inspiration and have a Japanese spring wedding. If you have dreamed of a sweet and delicate wedding ceremony, cherry blossoms are the perfect ...

134 Arab Wedding Traditions

Arab Wedding Traditions

The different Middle Eastern cultures all have different customs and traditions for marriages, but still there are some elements that are quite common between them. Maybe some of them are not new to you others, however, may surprise you. Here are some of most important traditions accompanying the wedding ceremony in ...

101 Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese Wedding Traditions Every culture celebrates the union of two people differently. Today we decided to draw your attention to some of the most fascinating Chinese wedding traditions. The red color has a special place in the Chinese wedding traditions and that is why the brides wedding gown is usually red. ...