Great Wedding Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes are one of the latest wedding trends. The reason for that is that they are small, tasty, affordable and very practical. In addition, wedding cupcakes can have different purposes – from wedding favor, to dessert and even decoration. That is why we decided to pay some extra attention to these delicious treats. This article will offer you a number of great wedding cupcake ideas. Feel free to use them!

Themed Cupcakes 

The design of the cupcakes can match with the theme of your wedding. Use the colours from your wedding palette for the small desserts. Also, use some interesting details taken from the wedding theme and include them in the cupcakes. For instance, if your wedding is garden-themed, you can add flowers on one side of the cupcake.

Cupcakes with a Sense of Humour 

Make your wedding cupcakes funny! In that way you can break away from the boring traditions and freshen up the event. The cupcakes can resemble some of your favourite animated characters, or they can have some humouristic sayings on them. Your guests are guaranteed to love this idea!

Cupcakes with a Different Purpose 

As it was already mentioned, cupcakes can be used as a wedding decoration or wedding favor. However, if you choose to do that, you should pick desserts with a more simplified and clean design.

Abundant Cupcakes

If you want to add a little extravagance to your Big Day, you can order cupcakes that have intricate and lavish design. For example, they can be in bright and bold colours. Another thing that would make your wedding cupcakes look more extravagant is if they consist of several parts or if they have a multi-storey design.

 Cupcakes instead of a Cake 

Some couples decide to replace the big wedding cake with lots of small cupcakes. That is a good idea since it is very practical and you won’t have to spend time slicing a huge cake. If you choose to have cupcakes instead of a cake, you can arrange them together. However, keep in mind that if you replace this tradition, you won’t get the chance to enjoy all the emotions from the wedding cake slicing.

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