How to Plan a Bachelor Party

The bachelor party represents the groom’s last night of freedom before the marital vows. Usually the best man organizes the bachelor party. The night is epically famous with crazy and adventurous games and challenges.

Bachelor party is, by rule, done by the best man or the groom’s friends and relatives. If you are to organize it, first you should know the basics. Second, make sure you keep everybody out of both jail and the doghouse! There should be someone responsible when the men are celebrating, because everybody knows that bachelor parties and alcohol abuse are practically the same thing.

Guest List 

The guest list is one of the most important things when it comes to planning the party. Think well who the groom’s closest friends are and, naturally, which men just don’t get along. It will be nice if there are no more than 15 men at the party. If the list includes more, at some point of the night people will split into two or three groups and that will spoil the whole celebration.

Perfect Location 

Many brides imagine exotic dancers in night clubs and expensive drinks at the bachelor parties. The truth is that most men prefer a weekend in a cabin in the woods, mountain camping or just a nice round of golf and steak dinner. If want to surprise the groom with something he will never forget, take him and the boys on some high-adrenaline adventure like skydiving or rock climbing.

Choose the Right Time 

Many bachelor parties happen the night before the wedding. But this is an awful time for celebrating. You would better pick another date, so that you and the groom can avoid the inevitable exhaustion and hangover. Schedule the event a week before the wedding, preferably in the weekend. This way you will be sure all invitees are informed in advance and that they have enough time to make their plans.

Consider It Well

The bachelor party is all about the groom, so pay attention to anything he wants or doesn’t want. If he is not willing to get drunk, don’t make him. Make sure everything you do is safe and legal. Also, don’t let drunken people drive home. Hire a limo or a car and a driver and bring enough money just in case. Prepare a camera and don’t forget to take it.

Split Costs with Everyone 

It is a tradition that the bachelor party is paid by the groom’s friends. The groom himself is not expected to organize or pay for the party. He should be your guest of honour!


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