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Today, many couples in love pick rustic as their wedding theme. A well-known fact is that rustic often goes hand in hand with country. So there you have it, the new rough chic wed style – rustic country! But how can you make your Big Day rustic and stylish at the same time? There are five basic rules which you can achieve that effect.

Mother Nature Comes at Rescue 

Rustic and country styles are all about nature. Therefore, keep that in mind when you decide on things like your wedding palette and venue. In terms of colours, the most natural tones are nuances of the brown, green, stone and sand. If these colours are too bland for you, add a pinch of brightness. For example, you can include colours like yellow or orange. The wedding venue is advisable to be somewhere in the open (if the weather allows it, of course). Choose a lovely spot in front of a typical country building like a big barn or storehouse. However, make sure you decorate the structure to give it a look appropriate for the joyous event.

Key Ingredient Wood 

The easiest way to invite nature to your wedding is to include lots of wood material and decorations. For instance, you can have your wooden wed invites. Also, you can place signs made of this material around the wedding venue. They will direct guests to the reception area, dance floor and the ceremony itself.


If you or some of your friends and family, have old furniture lying around their basement or attic, don’t be afraid to use it. Rustic country style allows lots of recycling of old and forgotten items. In addition, you can easily find many interesting things in vintage or antique shops.

Go Country! 

Add some very country elements and details to your Big Day. Scatter bales of hay around the place and maybe even put on cowboy boots! Also, you can offer traditional country dishes.

The Carriage 

This idea is optional, however, it can be very impressive. Find a carriage and a horse and ride on! Use this mode of transportation to arrive or exit your reception. Actually, why not both!

Rustic country wedding can be very unique and stylish. With a few easy tricks you can have one quite elegant and traditional Big Day!

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