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Selected honeymoon in 2018: Four highlights worthy of your inclusion on the list - Sharing Wedding - Tips, Tricks, Guides and Gifts

Selected honeymoon in 2018: Four highlights worthy of your inclusion on the list

The countries or islands that flaunt the “honeymoon holy land” are always full of paired pairs of lover figures in every corner. However, not everyone enjoys the crowdedness during the honeymoon. If you want to have a clean two-person time, then these four you may not have heard, but definitely worthy of being included in the list of honeymoon destinations, may be able to bring you and the other half the most meticulous leisure time.

1: Anguilla Anguilla Anguilla with a Caribbean paradise, is Britain’s overseas territory. Anguila stretches for miles of white sandy beaches and is always embraced by the clear waters. Palm trees and a gentle breeze festoon the area.

2: Bora Bora Bora Bora Is your honeymoon dreaming to live in a floating water house that is lit up in bright blue waters? The Bora-Bira Island, known as the Pearl of the Pacific, may be your dream destination. This island, located in the South Pacific, has been filmed several times because of the unprecedented beauty.

3: Cartagena Cartagena Cartagena, Colombia’s seaport city, can meet the exotic travel dreams of being loved by historical adventures and embracing the color of ice powder. This city overlooking the Caribbean has unique magical powers. Not only is the entire city has a vivid color block with high saturation, but the story of the pirates in the Caribbean is even more mysterious.

4: Croatia Croatia Most people may seldom think of the Central European countries of Croatia when planning a honeymoon. However, this distant country has a beautiful scenery that should not be missed. You love the natural landscape, Croatia’s crystal-clear lake and the scenery of numerous waterfalls will not disappoint you.

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