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Suggestions for Vintage Wedding Palettes

Vintage weddings have one very sophisticated and stylish vibe. They take the best from the past and bring it into the future. That is why it is not surprising that many couples today prefer to have a vintage-themed wedding. One of the most important aspects of wedding themes is the wedding palette. The palettes of your Big Day can complete the general idea of the theme. However, they can also oppose it and create a theme and colour chaos. To avoid that, you need to be careful when choosing your wedding palette. In this material, we will suggest you a few wedding palettes that will go well with your vintage wedding theme.

Vintage Wedding for Any Season 

It is advisable to set your vintage wedding during the winter or the fall. The reason for that is that these two seasons naturally complement this wedding theme. Summer and spring are less appropriate.

Those of you, who plan to have a winter vintage wedding, can choose a palette that includes black, bronze and forest green. These tones are very chic and they certainly establish a more formal mood on your Big Day.

If you are having a fall vintage wedding, then you will have a wider range of wedding palette options. One of them is the aqua-rust-copper combination. This colour combination is made up of two oppositions – muddy colours (copper and rust) and bright colours (aqua). For an outdoor wedding in the fall, you can skip the oppositions and go straight to cream, chocolate and mocha. Tasty, isn’t it? Those of you who are planning a vintage wedding in the garden should brighten up with a palette that includes aubergine, light olive and tangerine.

Vintage Wedding for Any Venue 

The venue is also very important when it comes to picking a wedding palette. Weddings set in a backyard should be in bright, light and calming colours. A good suggestion here is a mint – salmon pink – green palette. Vintage weddings on the beach are preferred to be in steel, orange and cream. If your wedding is going to take place in a garden, it can have a more feminine wedding palette like blush, wine and mauve. Another choice here is mauve, lilac and butter yellow.

Vintage Wedding for Any Mood 

Some couples want to recreate a specific mood on their Big Day. For a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, go either with peach, turquoise and azure, or honey, beryl and stone. Those of you who want to create a brighter mood at their wedding can have an eggshell-willow-powder palette. A sand-mint-rose combination is also not excluded. If, however, you prefer a more formal and official atmosphere than they should definitely go with colours like vintage rose, midnight, and storm. A vintage romantic wedding, on the other hand, will be best completed by a blush and khaki palette.

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