Tips on Choosing Ruby Rings

Ruby rings are the top jewelry trend in 2012. Here are some tips on how to choose one to suite your taste and personality.

First, as far as metal is concerned, both yellow gold finish and white gold finish are suitable for ruby rings. The choice of metal depends entirely on the preferences of the person who will wear it since the red shades of the stone go perfectly with yellow and white. You can rely on the 10k and 14k gold standards (of course 10k being the more affordable choice).

If you want to buy a solitary ruby ring, then the cut and the shape of the stone are your main concern. The most popular rubies according to their shape are cushion rubies but there are also other beautiful shapes, such as oval or teardrop rubies. When you choose the shape of your gemstone you should consider not only your personal preferences, but also your hand type.

Nowadays many women choose a ruby and diamond ring. It combines the elegant look of the classic diamond with the passionate glow of the ruby. Our advice is for you to choose the best quality of ruby you can afford, even if it is slightly smaller in size. It will definitely pay off.

hen you choose a ruby, you may also want to take into account what jewelers call “the silk of the ruby”. This is a shine which is caused by hundreds of microscopic scars in the stone. Specialists often refer to it as “asterism” (from “astro”, which means “star”). It gives rubies a soft, yet sparkling appearance, and that is why they are also considered to be in the group of the so called “star stones”.

Ruby rings are beautiful, elegant and very popular this year. With their passionate nuances of red, they will help you express your femininity and sensuality. Don’t forget to check our extensive Gift section for brides.

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